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The Nelk Boys raise $200K for residents affected by Iowa Tornadoes

After joining Reed Timmer on a crazy storm chase, The Nelk Boys and Bob Menery experienced how fierce mother nature really is.
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NELK: "We Got Trapped in a Deadly Tornado!" youtube video still frames
The Nelk Boys raise $200K for residents affected by Iowa Tornadoes

In the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes that swept through Iowa last week, online entertainers The Nelk Boys, actor Bob Menery (starred in Road House) and storm chaser Reed Timmer have launched a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising funds for the communities left reeling from the destruction.

The Nelk Boys and Bob Menery joined Reed Timmer on a hunt for Tornadoes in Iowa last week, during which they managed to capture multiple tornadoes and the devastating aftermath of a residential area near Minden. Watch their youtube collaboration video here.

Reed Timmer is an extreme meteorologist and storm chaser renowned for his daring expeditions into the heart of severe weather phenomena. With his iconic armored vehicle, the SRV Dominator, he fearlessly intercepts tornadoes and hurricanes to gather vital data for research and early warning. His YouTube channel has ammassed nearly one million subscribers, where he livestreams his interceptions to thousands, is definitely worth looking into.

"We were deeply moved by what we saw in Iowa. It's heartbreaking to see the impact such natural disasters can have on people's lives," said the Nelk Boys. "We knew we had to do something significant to help out as many people as possible. All of the money raised will go directly to the families affected by the tornadoes and to charities working in the area," as stated in the GoFundMe. "Our goal is to provide immediate assistance and long-term support to those in need."

The GoFundMe campaign has already beaten the goal of raising $100,000, with sizeable donations from The Nelk Boys themselves, Dana White and more. From small contributions to generous pledges, every donation brings hope to the communities struggling to rebuild in the wake of the disaster.

Update: As of 2nd June, it has reached almost $200,000.

To support the relief efforts for Iowa tornado victims, please visit their GoFundMe page and consider making a donation today. Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this tragedy.

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