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Faceit Premium Mission May 2024: Quick Draw - Overview

This month's (May) Faceit Premium mission for CS2 players is the 'Quick Draw'. Players can win an AWP | Graphite Factory-New after completing all challenges.
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Faceit Premium Mission May 2024: Quick Draw - Overview

The May Mission is Live!

For this month, players have the chance to win an AWP | Graphite in Factory-New condition, after completing all challenges set by the Faceit team.

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Faceit Premium Mission for May, 2024: Quick Draw

This month's Faceit Premium mission for CS2 players is the "Quick Draw". It is not the first time we are getting an AWP | Graphite FN skin, we got the same skin in January of last year, which you can read about here: Faceit Premium Mission for January: AIM DOWN SIGHT - Overview 2023.

However, the challenges that we have to complete are now slightly different. To complete the mission,  you will have to win 210 matches in total, play 55 matches, get 550 kills and get 180 headshots to get the grand prize: AWP | Graphite Factory-New, which is currently selling for 172€ on the Steam market, or 127€ on BitSkins.

Challenge Prize
5 wins 250 Faceit Points
180 headshots 500 Faceit Points
550 kills 1,000 Faceit Points
play 55 matches 2,000 Faceit Points
35 wins 5,000 Faceit Points
50 22K Faceit Points
55 42K Faceit Points
65 AWP | Graphite (Factory New)

You have to complete all challenges in order to get the skin prize (you wont get it if you only complete last challenge). Faceit recommends you start with the first one. We recommend it too. Not everybody will manage to complete all of them, so you should avoid starting with the one for the skin, leave it for last. 

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how much time do i have to play to complete faceit premium mission


Photo by George Becker

In order to win all points (72,750) and the AWP Graphite, you need to win 210 matches in 31 days: get 7 wins for 24 days straight, then for the last 7 days get only 6 wins to complete 210 wins for the month and win 72,750 points and get a 'free' AWP | Graphite (FN). At the end you should have accumulated at least 550 kills, 180 of which - headshots.

If you are wondering how Faceit Points convert to fiat, an AWP | Atheris (Minimal-Wear) is currently selling for 10,800 Points on Faceit, on the Steam Market is selling for 4,13€, and for 3,32€ on Bitskins.

Skin  Market Price
AWP | Atheris (Minimal-Wear) Faceit 10,800 Points
Steam 6,65€
BitSkins 4,83€

*Updated for the 6th of May, 2024.

Remember, before you start your first match, make sure you activate the mission in your personal mission tab. If you do not activate the mission, your wins won't count.

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