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Iran begins retaliatory attack against Israel, launches 100+ drones

Iran aerial attack on Israel: Over 100 Drones and Missiles Launched - Latest Updates on Middle East Tensions
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Iran begins retaliatory attack against Israel, launches 100+ drones

In a significant escalation of tensions in the Middle East, Iran has launched a massive aerial assault on Israel, deploying more than 100 drones and cruise missiles. The attack comes amid rising tensions between the two nations and follows an apparent Israeli strike on an Iranian embassy complex in Syria.

According to reports by NPR, Israeli officials confirmed the drone attack late Saturday night, warning citizens to seek shelter if sirens sound in their areas. The drones, dispatched from within Iran, are expected to take several hours to reach Israeli airspace, as stated by Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari.

In response to the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the nation of readiness for any scenario, emphasizing a firm stance of defense. "We have determined a clear principle: Whoever harms us, we will harm them," Netanyahu stated in an address to Israelis, highlighting the nation's commitment to self-defense.

The White House has also acknowledged the attack, with President Biden monitoring developments from the Situation Room alongside top defense and diplomatic officials. National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson reiterated the United States' unwavering support for Israel's security, affirming President Biden's stance on standing with the people of Israel against threats from Iran.

Air raid sirens sound around all of Israel as Iran's missiles have entered it's air space and are currently being intercepted by Israel's "iron dome".

CNN's coverage adds that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed responsibility for launching extensive drone strikes against targets in Israel, citing state media reports. The attack comes days after Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed retaliation for an earlier strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria, which Iran blamed on Israel.

The escalation in hostilities raises concerns about further destabilization in the region, with fears of a broader conflict looming. Israeli authorities have taken precautionary measures, including closing schools and advising residents in border communities to limit gatherings and remain indoors or near shelters.

As the situation unfolds, the international community closely watches developments, mindful of the potential ramifications of heightened tensions between Iran and Israel. The aerial assault marks a significant escalation in hostilities, with the potential to impact regional stability and security in the days to come.

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