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2024 Taiwan Earthquake Aftermath: Death toll, Videos, Damages

Taiwan was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, leaving 400 stranded and a death toll of 13. Rescue efforts face challenges due to landslides and adverse weather.
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Shufu Liu / Office of the President
2024 Taiwan Earthquake Aftermath: Death toll, Videos, Damages

Devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan earlier this week, leaving approximately 400 individuals stranded and awaiting rescue, as reported by the island's fire department on Saturday.

Authorities have clarified that those stranded are considered safe but are isolated due to landslides and road blockages in rural areas near the heavily impacted east coast.

The death toll has risen to 13, according to Taiwan's National Fire Agency (NFA), with three bodies discovered on a mountainous walking trail. Two bodies were found on Friday, and one on Saturday. The NFA is working to confirm the identities of the deceased.

The quake, the most powerful in Taiwan in 25 years, shook the entire island on Wednesday and was felt as far away as Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Over a thousand people are receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained during the earthquake, while six individuals remain missing, authorities have stated.

Hualien County, the worst-hit region, experienced building collapses and triggered landslides. Survivors have reported significant damage to local businesses and shops, some of which had been operating for over a decade.

Rescue operations continue to face challenges due to adverse weather conditions, with Taiwanese authorities planning to deploy a technician and a low-orbit satellite to aid efforts.

This week's earthquake has impacted Taiwan more intensely than any other quake since 1999 when a 7.7 magnitude tremor struck the island, resulting in significant casualties.

Government preparedness efforts have been credited with the relatively low death toll this time, with victims mostly succumbing to outdoor hazards such as falling rocks and landslides.

One casualty occurred in a collapsed building—the Uranus Building in downtown Hualien. The victim initially escaped but returned to rescue a pet cat, according to CNN affiliate SET.

Rescue and recovery efforts are ongoing as Taiwan grapples with the aftermath of the earthquake.

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