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Deep Fake scammers target Rob Chapman - YouTuber & Entrepreneur, founder of Chapman Guitars

YouTuber Rob Chapman targeted by Deep Fake scammers, exposes fake giveaways using his voice.
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Mar 29, 03:09AM UTC


Deep Fake scammers target Rob Chapman - YouTuber & Entrepreneur, founder of Chapman Guitars

If you're a fan of guitars or follow the online guitar community, you've probably heard of Rob Chapman. He's one of those cool guitar channels doing reviews and tutorials on YouTube, and he's also the founder of Chapman Guitars. But recently, Rob's name has been entangled in a dubious situation that's raising eyebrows in the guitar community – and it's definitely not the kind of attention he wants.

Recently, Rob took to his YouTube channel to address the issue head-on, sharing an apology video that shed light on the situation. In the video, he exposed a deceptive Instagram giveaway clip featuring him and Lee Anderton of Andertons Music, where they were reviewing two Gibson Les Paul guitars. Overlaying this footage was a fabricated audio of Rob's voice announcing a giveaway of Gibson Les Paul Standard guitars, falsely claiming they were "worth over $800 each" (which by the way is ridiculously cheap for a genuine Gibson guitar).

Now, if you're not familiar with deep fake technology, let me break it down for you. It's basically a fancy way of using artificial intelligence to manipulate audio and video to make it seem like someone is saying or doing something they're not. And in this case, Rob Chapman's voice has been fabricated to lure unsuspecting guitar enthusiasts into a bogus giveaway.

In order for somebody to be able to steal your voice, they need to 'train' an AI model with a substantial amount of recorded speech samples. In Rob's case, the people who set that fake giveaway up had no issues doing that, giving that he has over 2,000 videos posted on his YouTube channel alone.

How can brands protect themselves

Brands can't entirely prevent the creation of deep fake content initially. However, they can focus on managing and responding to it effectively by working with platforms and communicating with their audience. Confronting the issue head on, as Rob Chapman did, and engaging in direct communication with their audience, brands can address concerns and clarify misinformation.

As technology continues to evolve, staying vigilant and responsive remains essential in navigating the challenges posed by deep fake content.

How can users protect themselves

If you come across a suspicious Instagram ad or anything similar, you should always go through these steps before clicking on that link:

  • Verify the Source: Check the legitimacy of the account or profile that posted the ad. Look for verified badges or other indicators of authenticity.

  • Review the Content: Examine the content of the ad carefully. Look for any inconsistencies, spelling errors, or unusual claims that could indicate it's a scam.

  • Cross-Check Information: Search for additional information about the offer or promotion outside of the ad. Verify details such as pricing, terms, and conditions from reputable sources.

  • Avoid Clicking on Links: Refrain from clicking on any links or buttons within the ad until you've verified its authenticity. Instead, navigate directly to the official website or contact the brand directly for more information.

  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect that the ad is fraudulent or deceptive, report it to the platform's moderation team or relevant authorities. Your actions can help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And when it comes to guitar giveaways, it's always best to stick with reputable sources and companies you can trust. Like Rob's real instagram account or youtube channel.

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